MOTO LANE is an online magazine and retail store filled with all things urban motorcycle culture.

Part news, part reviews, and all honest and unbiased point of view, we aim to share real-world insights into the world of modern motorcycling – we leave the tech reviews to the gear heads and the influencing to the influencers.

CONNECTED by the love of riding

It was away from mainstream culture on the fringe that the first rebels found their lane – tribes of people just like them with a shared passion for life on two wheels.

But times have changed, and now, motorcycling has gone mainstream. Today’s motorcycle scene thrives in cities and suburbs, and manufacturers are producing bikes with crossover appeal that are attracting a new urban following.

What remains unchanged is the uncanny ability these two wheeled machines have to make us feel like we’re sharing in part of something: a community. That’s what we love about riding and bringing that feeling to as many people as possible is why we began MOTO LANE

MOTO LANE is for modern motorcycle riders.

No longer rebels on society’s fringe, they are average men and women with jobs and responsibilities, maybe even a house and kids.

They love bikes. Maybe they grew up around them or maybe they grew up wanting one and have finally taken the plunge and made their dream a reality. They have a passion for riding. While it’s likely not at the track or with a full pack and the open road before them, they’re always ready to ride.

Anything that helps makes that experience more enjoyable is what they’re looking for.

MOTO LANE is a new voice in an established industry.