Triumph Release Details of Project Triumph TE-1

Triumph Release Details of Project Triumph TE-1

Fresh news from Triumph has just dropped regarding the successful completion of Phase 2 of their collaborative ‘Project Triumph TE-1’. The project sees Triumph joining forces with UK engineering powerhouse Williams, as well as Integral e-Drive and the University of Warwick. In their press release, Triumph states that:

With the exciting reveal of the innovative advanced electric powertrain and battery and the first styling sketches for the final Project TE-1 Prototype, Phase 2 of this landmark four phase collaboration in British design and engineering reaches a successful conclusion

Triumph Motorcycles Press Release

With the project now reaching the end of Phase 2, the next phase will deliver a prototype motorcycle that builds on the battery, powerplant and concept renderings of the first 2 phases. In what is an exciting time for the industry as a whole, it’s promising to see more major manufacturers investing in electric motorcycles. Triumph’s CEO, Nick Bloor said:

The completion of Phase 2, and the promising results achieved to date, provide an exciting glimpse of the potential electric future and showcase the talent and innovation of this unique British collaboration. Without doubt the outcome of this project will play a significant part in our future efforts to meet our customer’s ambition and desire to reduce their environmental impact and for more sustainable transportation.

This important project will provide one of the foundations for our future electric motorcycle strategy, which is ultimately focused on delivering what riders want from their Triumph; the perfect balance of performance, handling and real world usability, with genuine Triumph character

Nick Bloor, CEO Triumph Motorcycles

No details have been released as yet outlining the ‘TE-1’s projected performance figures or specifications, other than the powertrain’s capability to produce 180hp (130kW). However looking at the concept renderings we may expect to see Brembo brakes, adjustable Öhlins forks and suspension, 17″ wheels front and rear, and the occasionally splash of carbon fibre. Yet again, this may just be the Speed Triple RS specifications from which the concept is undoubtedly based on. Not a bad place to start, however only time will tell.


We’re eager to see where ‘Project Triumph TE-1’ goes from here and will stay across its developments, so stay tuned for more information. Whether we like it or not, electric bikes are the future of the industry. With this in mind it’s good to see Triumph joining Harley-Davidson, BMW Motorrad and other manufacturers in researching, designing and building electric motorcycles.

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