Triumph Unveil New 2021 Bonneville Range

Triumph Unveil New 2021 Bonneville Range

Triumph’s legendary modern classic family has been evolved for 2021, with the British manufacturer recently announcing the release of the new Bonneville range for 2021. This release brings updates to the T120, T120 Black, T100, Speed Twin, Bobber and Speedmaster, with the Scrambler XC and XE range as well as the Street Scrambler slated for release on the 13th and 20th April respectively

Triumph are keen to point out that this release is more than just getting the range through EURO 5 regulations, rather it’s another chance to further improve upon the range, incorporating consumer feedback in the process.

We’ve delved into the detail and provided an overview below of the new models, including a quick look at what’s changed for 2021.

Bonneville T120

Arguably the closest modern Bonneville to the iconic original, the T120 is available for the 2021 model year in both the T120 and T120 Black model variants. Interestingly, only the T120 will receive a ‘Black’ variant for 2021, with Triumph discontinuing the alternative for the T100 and Bobber models. But more on that later.

Both the T120 and T120 Black are equipped with Triumph’s impressive 1200cc, high torque twin. Power is down ever so slightly on last year’s model (what’s 1 kW between friends?), but torque remains the same.

The T120 is available in 3 colour schemes, including a Jet Black single colour option, or a choice of two twin colour schemes; Cordovan Red and Silver Ice, and the Cobalt Blue and Silver Ice, both of which feature hand-painted gold lining.

For the T120 Black, there is a choice of Jet Black or a Matt Jet Black and Matt Graphite scheme with hand-painted silver coach lining. So black or blacker basically.

What’s new?

For 2021 the new T120’s engine mass has been reduced significantly through the use of a lighter crankshaft. Together with an optimised clutch and balancer shafts this has also reduced inertia, which provides the new generation with a notably more immediate and responsive throttle.

Whilst power and torque remain unchanged, an enhanced handling set-up, courtesy of a major 7kg weight saving, new lightweight aluminium wheel rims and new higher specification Brembo brakes, plus new rider technology, including cruise control and enhanced riding modes, mean the new T120 and T120 Black are bound to be even more enjoyable than their predecessors.

Bonneville T100

The perfect introduction to the iconic Bonneville family, the latest generation of Triumph’s authentic and original T100 incorporates its torque-rich and thrilling performance, with confidence-inspiring handling and timeless Bonneville style.

Equipped with Triumph’s high torque, 900cc twin-cylinder Bonneville engine, this years model produces 48kW at 7400 RPM, and 80 Nm of torque peaking at 3750 RPM.

The new 2021 Bonneville T100 is available in three classic colours – the Lucerne Blue and Fusion White scheme, with hand-painted silver coach lines; a sleek, single tone Jet Black option or a second twin colour scheme, in Carnival Red & Fusion White, with hand-painted silver coach lines.

What’s new?

The T100 has probably received the biggest update than any other model for 2021, with a significant upgrade to the latest 900cc high torque twin engine delivering 7 kW more power and lower emissions. Add to that a 4kg weight reduction, higher specification brakes and suspension, the latest rider technology and sophisticated new detailing, and you get an even more beautiful and refined T100 ride.

Street Twin

The latest generation of Triumph’s best-selling modern classic delivers all of the Street Twin’s torque-rich and thrilling performance, confidence-inspiring handling and contemporary custom style, and enhances it with the latest 900cc High Torque twin engine.

The new Street Twin provides useable torque from low down, right through the rev range for thrilling acceleration anytime it’s needed, with 48kW peak power arriving at 7500 RPM and 80 Nm peak torque at 3800 RPM.

For 2021 the new Street Twin is is available in three colour options – Cobalt Blue, Matt Ironstone and Jet Black.

What’s new?


This exquisite hand-detailed custom edition of the 2021 Street Twin delivers all of the new generation updates and celebrates the timeless classic Triumph logo and hand-painted, gold lining skills of Triumph’s expert paint shop. There are only 1000 of these beautiful motorcycles worldwide, each one coming with a certificate of authenticity personalised with the unique VIN number of the bike, making these even more exclusive.

Changes to both Street Twin models remain largely cosmetic, with the engine receiving very limited updates other than being brought inline with EURO 5 regulations. The models receive all new cast wheels, a new more comfortable bench seat with a 10mm increase in padding, new bodywork and improved finish and detailing, with brushed aluminium headlamp brackets.

Bonneville Bobber

As stunning to look at as it is thrilling to ride, the latest generation of Triumph’s stripped-back, elegant custom classic has all of the previous generation Bobber’s peerless authenticity and engineering innovation and adds all of the Bobber Black’s category-defining capability, for a new 2021 Bobber that delivers the best of both worlds.

As previously mentioned, the Bobber was one model that will no longer be sold in its ‘Black’ variant. However for the not so keen-eyed amongst us, you will notice that the new 2021 model is essentially the Bobber Black anyway. Triumph stated that sales of the Bobber went through the roof when the Bobber Black was brought to market – with its smaller but fatter front wheel, improved braking and aggressive colour scheme – leading to the original model getting the chop.

The new 2021 generation Bobber comes in three distinctive colour options, with a new Matt Storm grey and Matt Ironstone scheme, a new Cordovan Red scheme, and a classic Jet Black option.

What’s new?

The new generation Bobber receives the same reduced weight, lower inertia engine update as the rest of the line up, as the model is brought into line with EURO 5 emissions standards. The 2021 Triumph Bobber now features a 16” fat front wheel and new, chunkier 47mm front forks, giving an even more muscular and imposing front end presence than the previous model.

Bonneville Speedmaster

The perfect laid-back, long-distance ride, the latest generation of Triumph’s classic British custom delivers all of the Speedmaster’s all-day capability and sophisticated style, and significantly upgrades it with enhanced engine performance, higher specification equipment and more premium detailing. 

The new Speedmaster’s heart is its characterful 1200cc, high torque twin engine, which has been developed for 2021 for an even more immediate and responsive feel.

The Speedmaster shares the same 270 degree firing order as the rest of the Bonneville range, with a tune specifically developed to deliver high torque and high power low down and through the rev range.

With lower inertia for 2021, the new generation Triumph Speedmaster has been evolved specifically with a new tune for a fuller and smoother power and torque delivery, and a notable lift in the mid-range, for a result that gives lower emissions, exceeding EURO 5 requirements, and also excellent fuel economy.

Peak torque is an exceptional 106 Nm at a very low 3850 RPM, with over 90% of torque available all the way up to 5750 RPM!

For 2021, three colour schemes are available, including a jet black option, a new Fusion White and Sapphire Black twin-colour scheme with hand-painted twin coach line, and our pick of the bunch, a stunning new Red Hopper candy paint scheme.

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