Stylmartin Core WP Sneakers

Stylmartin Core WP Sneakers

Meticulously crafted, tested and perfected, Stylmartin is a brand synonymous with quality and exceptional design. The Stylmartin Core WP Sneakers are no exception to this.

Designed for the urban rider who wants to look good whilst staying safe, the quality of these sneakers can not be overstated.


We’ve been road testing the Core Sneakers and have been very impressed with both their quality and overall performance. The sneaker is finished exceptionally well, with a full grain leather upper and solid sole providing both rigidity and grip.

A waterproof shoe, the Stylmartin Core WP Sneakers pack a breathable yet water tight lining that is gusseted behind the tongue to ensure your feet stay dry when the weather turns sour.


As with Stylmartin’s Rocket Boots, the Core Sneakers are incredibly comfortable right out of the box. With a soft yet durable leather upper, a breathable waterproof liner with air mesh, and an anatomically designed footbed, we’ve found the sneaker to be exceptionally comfortable over long periods of time.

If we had one issue with the sneaker, it’s that occasionally the top of the shoe can dig a little into your ankle. This issue obviously completely depends on a huge numbers of factors, including the placement of the footpegs on your bike, how tightly you secure the laces, the angle of your foot, et cetera. We’ve certainly found that a simple re-adjustment of the foot on your pegs, usually resolves the issue.

Whilst the sneakers are indeed waterproof, we have also found that when the weather really takes a turn for the worse, water will inevitably find its way down the top of the shoe. Physics are a bitch!


As you would expect from a quality Italian leather motorcycle sneaker, protection is paramount. The shoe includes PU internal malleolus protection on both sides, as well as a quality rubber sole providing rigidity and grip. As a mid to high-top sneaker, the Core when fully laced provides exceptional ankle coverage whilst also accommodating freedom of movement for comfort.

Value for money

At $260 (AUD), the Core Sneakers are at the higher end of the market. However given the quality of the product and features provided, we believe that even at this price point, the sneakers represent exceptional value for money.

Sure there are cheaper urban sneakers out there, yet few with the same level of quality, comfort and features on offer as Stylmartin’s Core WP Sneakers.

  • full grain leather upper
  • lining is waterproof and breathable with air mesh
  • Malleolus protection with PU internal protection on both sides
  • lace fastening
  • anatomic, changeable, breathable and microperforated footbed
  • rubber sole
  • available in various sizes
  • available in black/white and black
In summary

If you’re looking for a beautiful, quality urban sneaker that looks just as good off the bike as it does on, we’d highly recommend you take a look at Stylmartin’s Core WP Sneakers.


  • Stylmartin Core WP Sneakers Black Black
  • Stylmartin Core WP Sneakers Black White

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