SA1NT Unbreakable Slim Jeans (Armour Pocket)

SA1NT Unbreakable Slim Jeans (Armour Pocket)

Finally, a pair of jeans that doesn’t compromise style for safety. SA1NT Unbreakable Slim Jeans (Armour Pocket) combines style and safety in one single-layer package, look great on and off the bike, and protect your arse should the unfortunate happen.

Melbourne based SA1NT have been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for some time now. Well known in their native Australia, they’ve also garnered significant international support thanks to their exceptional branding and indestructible nature.

We’ve been wearing their Unbreakable Slim Jeans (Armour Pocket) for the past few weeks and here’s what we’ve got to say about them:


Upping the ante on the already popular Unbreakable Jean, the Armour Pocket iteration is SA1NT’s response to demand for a product that not only offered excellent slide resistance but also delivered superior impact protection, bringing them in line with tightening European safety regulations.

Combining SA1NT’s denim technology with arguably the world’s most advanced D30 Ghost Armour, the result is a lightweight, stretch denim that shields the wearer against abrasion and impact.


Because the Unbreakable Jeans are single layer, they feel just like a regular selvedge jean. Blended with elastane for stretch, they allow riders freedom of movement and comfort both on and off the bike.

Even with the D30 Ghost Armour in the hips and knees, we’ve found these jeans to be incredibly light and comfortable. Unlike other jeans in this category, you honestly don’t notice that you’re wearing an armoured motorcycle jean. Instead, the Unbreakable Jeans feel remarkably similar to regular denim, with the D30 Ghost Armour living up to its name.

Whilst a slim jean, the fit is on the generous side. More or less true to size, we’ve found that the jean fits comfortably, if not a tad loose. On longer rides, we did find that the jeans can bunch up a little behind the knees, but it’s nothing a little leg stretch can’t sort out.

Leg length is standard at a 33″ inseam and, depending on your body type, should cater for most riders. This does seem to be a bit of a contentious issue amongst riders, with some preferring a choice of either a shorter 32″ or longer 34″. However SA1NT are hedging their bets and splitting the difference here.


Woven with Dyneema, a fibre that the manufacturer claims to be stronger than steel, SA1NT have produced a single-layer, lightweight jean that provides exceptional abrasion resistance, with the optional addition of D30 Ghost Armour also providing impact resistance.

Unfortunately, because the armour is an optional extra, the jeans themselves can only be rated for abrasion resistance, equal to a ‘B’ rating in European testing. However, throw in the D30 Ghost Armour, and you can only assume that the product will receive an AA or AAA rating, covering both abrasion and impact protection.

Thankfully, the safety features weren’t something we got to test for ourselves (and honestly, we hope we never do), but in event we did need them, we’re fairly confident that the product would hold up.

Value for money

It’s hard to put a price on safety, however at $499 (AUD), SA1NT are giving it a go. At that price, the Unbreakable Jeans certainly aren’t cheap, but they are more or less lineball with their competition in the premium market. Admittedly, once you spring another $100 (AUD) for the D30 Ghost Armour, the cost does start to add up.

That said, if you’re feeling pretty flush and searching for a pair of riding jeans that look great, are unbelievably comfortable and provide exceptional safety, we’d say the SA1NT Unbreakable Slim Jeans are hard to beat.

  • 25% Dyneema┬« double face overdyed indigo stretch denim
  • Denim fabric tested to AA Rating on impact abrasion resistance (Darmstadt) prEN 17092-1:2017
  • Vintage trim suite
  • Leather patch on waistband and leather tab on coin pocket
  • Hip and adjustable knee armour pockets fitted for D30 LP1 Ghost Armours (sold separately)
  • EN17092-5:2020 Class “B” Garment Certified
  • 5 pocket style
  • Slim fit
In summary

At $599 (AUD) the SA1NT Unbreakable Slim Jeans (Armour Pocket) are a bit of a commitment. But while there are other jeans out there that will do a similar job for less, there are very few that look this good in the process.

Comfortable, of exceptional quality and with more pros than cons, we’d recommend checking them out for yourself.


  • SA1NT Unbreakable Slim Jeans Armour Pocket Detail
  • SA1NT Unbreakable Slim Jeans Armour Logo
  • SA1NT Unbreakable Slim Jeans Armour Button
  • SA1NT Unbreakable Slim Jeans Armour D30
  • SA1NT Unbreakable Slim Jeans Armour Back
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  • SA1NT Unbreakable Slim Jeans Armour Front Worn
  • SA1NT Unbreakable Slim Jeans Armour Side Worn
  • SA1NT Unbreakable Slim Jeans Armour Back Worn

*Moto Lane was provided with these jeans free of charge by SA1NT. However, this is not a paid review and the opinions expressed herewithin belong to Moto Lane and not the manufacturer.

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