Deus Ex Machina Curlewis Moto Jersey

Deus Ex Machina Curlewis Moto Jersey

The team at Deus are at it again, recently releasing a whole bunch of new swag for autumn (fall) that you didn’t know you needed – until you saw it. The folks from Camperdown in Sydney, Australia have dropped new tees, hats, riding jackets, shorts and pants, to name but a few. Among the new arrivals, is the Curlewis Moto Jersey.

As always, the graphics team at Deus are on the money, producing a bold design that would look just as good off the bike as on it. Whether you’re racing flat-track, hitting the berms on your dirt bike, or just blasting up to the local to meet some friends, the Curlewis Moto Jersey looks dope!

Available in both black and white, the jerseys would go well if paired with an armoured undergarment, such as Pando Moto’s UH01. Made from 100% polyester mesh fabrication, the jerseys are light, breathable and will dry in a flash.

Both jerseys are available online from your local Deus dealer. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Deus and check them out!

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