Pando Moto Armoured Undergarments

Pando Moto Armoured Undergarments

Let’s face it – it’s tough to find the right pair of jeans. A problem that is only made all the more difficult when you’re looking for a pair of riding jeans. Too tight, not tight enough, not quite the right colour; the struggle is real. And don’t even get me started on traditional riding shirts!

Well new for 2020, Pando Moto’s line of armoured undergarments may just be the solution you’re looking for. Their SHELL UH 01 – Unisex Armored Motorcycle Shirt and SKIN UH 01 – Unisex Armored Motorcycle Leggings, combine both armour and slide resistance all in one ultra-compact package. Perfect for layering with your favourite casual jeans and shirt, or slip under your work attire for a discrete look without compromising on safety.

Made with Dyneema, an ultra strong yet incredible light polyethylene fibre, which is interwoven with standard cotton yarns, both garments are able to achieve CE performance level A approval. A great achievement for such a minimalist product. Pair with the optional CE armour, and you’ve got all-round protection for added confidence.

Perfect for the urban commuter, or weekend ride to your favourite local, Pando Moto’s new range of armoured undergarments are sure to impress.

Looking to pick some up? Head on over to Pando Moto and check them out.

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